Sebago I
Friday June 27 thru Monday June 30, 2008
Site R4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights)
Site L1, L2 (Friday, Saturday nights)
Sebago II
Friday July 11 thru Monday July 14, 2008
Site R4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights)
Site L1, L2 (Friday, Saturday nights)
Sebago III
Friday August 22 thru Monday August 24, 2008
Site L2 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights)
Site L1, L3 (Friday, Saturday, nights)

Sebago Lake State Park
11 Park Access Road
Casco ME 04015
(207) 693-6231

This facility provides tent camping across the lagoon over looking the sandbar where the boats are parked.

This is a great place for family fun.Camping, sailing, swimming, biking and kayaking provide plenty of
entertainment for the entire family.

C.R.A.N.N.E. is the Catamaran Racing Association of Northern New England.
We would love to have you come join us for one or all of the Sebago weekends. This is a great
place for any new sailors to come out and start to get competitive. You do not have to race to
come up and enjoy the lake with us. There's never a nasty surf to sail through and no need to
wash your boat down at the end of the weekend.

Here at Sebago Lake, we race PHRF open class racing which provides a means for any type of
beach catamaran to race each other based on a timed handicap system. We race Saturday and
Sunday around the buoys or set a long distance race around the islands. A committee boat sets
the course and keeps time. We quit early enough so that you can get in a nice pleasure sail
afterward if so desired. On Monday, it's all fun, sometimes sailing across the lake for ice cream.

During the evenings we sit around the campfire toasting marshmallows and telling sailing
stories. Arrive early on Friday and leave late on Monday for that additional sailing pleasure.
Leaving Monday also helps beat the Sunday evening rush south.

Come and spend the weekend with a bunch of friendly cat sailors who just love the sport.
For additional information email us at crannesailing@yahoo.com.

This year we will need to pre-register for all the Sebago events. If you do not pre-register by the
end of day the Wednesday before the event, you may need to pay daily park fees in addition to
the fee for camping with the fleet. Please see Sebago pre-registration process (below) for more
information. To avoid these fees, please contact John Decker at deckerjc@comcast.net or call

*Required Info: Names, License Plate Number and Nights staying in Park.

The Sebago Pre-Registration Process

Starting in 2005, we now need to pre-register for all the Sebago events. This is a result of the
confusion that has increased the last several years since the state park has implemented the
placard system. The placard system works great for most users of the group area that come in as
a group. As we all know, we never arrive in a group. This gets difficult for the attendant at the
gate trying to do his/her job. I have worked out a compromise with the State Park where I will
fax over a list of names and license plates of people staying at the park for each of the three
Sebago weekends. I will need to confirm each person’s intentions on showing up for each
weekend as of end of business the Wednesday before the event. This is not a commitment to go
but should be a strong indication that you plan on going.

When arriving at the gate, give the attendant your name and he/she will check it against the preregistration
list. This will allow you to come in and get the placard at the campsite. If your name
is not on the list or you leave the park without your placard, you will need to pay the daily park
admission fee to get back in.

There may also be a limit to the number of vehicles allowed in per site. Typically we reserve 2
sites. At this point we have not been told what this number is and it may be possible to park
additional vehicles in the overflow area. Please do what you can to keep the vehicles to one per
boat. You may need to consider alternate parking outside of the park if this becomes an issue.

To avoid extra fees, each sailor must pre-register with John Decker by the Wednesday before the before the event deadline.

*Required Info: Names, License Plate Number and Nights staying in Park.

Contact John Decker at:   deckerjc@comcast.net   or   603-498-2032.


From I95, take the Maine Turnpike (I95/I495) to exit 11 (Gray). Take ME Route 115 West to
ME Route 302 North for several miles through Windham & Raymond. A few miles past the
big swing, look for signs to Sebago Lake State Park and take left onto State Park Road for a
couple more miles where you will find the entrance for Sebago Lake State Park Songo Beach
and Day use area. (If you cross the river by the locks, go back east.) This is also the site for
group camping. At the toll both, tell them that you are with the Catamaran Racing Association
of Northern New England or Prindle Fleet 80 and they should let you proceed to the group site.
Follow this road for about a mile. When you pass the Rangers Cabin on the right, the boat
launch will be coming up on the right shortly after. Drop your boat here and proceed to the next
right where the Lagoon group campsites are. We typically have sites L1 & L2 which are after
the bathroom on the right. If you are staying until Monday, try to stay in L1 where if you are
leaving Sunday, stay in L2.

Sebago 2008
At Sebago 3 last year, a group of sailors from Fleet 448 joined us for the weekend. So many in fact that we needed to get an extra site. Fortunately there was an extra site available that weekend. This year Fleet 448 has committed to a site for each of the three Sebago’s. After I made the reservations in early January, they made a reservation for an adjoining site with us. It was great to have so many boats at Sebago again. I think we had 18 boats! Reservations this year include the nights of:

R4 – 6/27 - 6/29 (thru Monday)
L1 – 6/27 - 6/28
L2 – 6/27 - 6/28 (Fleet 448)
R4 – 7/11 -7/13 (thru Monday)
L1 – 7/11 - 7/12
L2 – 7/11 – 7/12 (Fleet 448)
L1 – 8/22 - 8/23
L2 – 8/22 - 8/24 (thru Monday)
L3 – 8/22 - 8/23 (Fleet 448)

When in the Park there are many rules we need to follow, most of which are common courteously and common sense. General Park rules can be found at, http://www.maine.gov/doc/parks/programs/parkrules.html. Additionally while in the group camping area, there are additional rules we need to follow. Camping is tenting only and we must keep our tents within the areas marked by the colored squares on the trees. This is a rule that we got called on for the first time this past year. Apparently, we have been encroaching for years. Parking is always a concern as there is little space at the group sites to park. Trailers cannot be left at the boat ramp and must be parked in the overflow parking area. All cars are supposed to be on the campsite side of the road and not along the road. Since the park has been a little lax on this, allowing us to park some cars on the bath house side (all the way toward the beach) and some parallel, we have set a group rule that only one car per boat can be with us and additional cars need to be parked in the overflow area where we park the boat trailers. Car pooling with your crew and family is encouraged, especially with the current price of gas.

All vehicles must display a vehicle pass. This not only shows that you are part of the group but is your pass back into the Park should you leave. Without this pass, you will be charged the day rate fee to get back in the park, and this fee is non-refundable.

Pre-registration is also a must for those of us wishing to camp, and can be done by emailing John at deckerjc@comcast.net with your information including make, model, license plate number and vehicle occupants. The pre-registration process gets your vehicle(s) on the list provided to the park to allow you in the first time before getting your vehicle pass. Without pre-registering, you will be charged the day rate to come in and still need to pay the camping fee. If you are not camping, you should just pay the day rate for the days you come into the park and then park your vehicle in one of the other lots closer to the beach. This has proven to reduce the parking congestion for the campers and the park thinking we are underpaying.

Thanks for your cooperation and we’ll see you on the water.

John Decker

CRANNE Sailing



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