Rhode Island
Youth Rally & Racing

July 26 – 27, 2008
Compass Rose Beach, Quonset Point, North Kingstown, RI

RI Hobie Fleet 448 is sponsoring youth sailing!
Team up with your favorite teenager (or younger!) or bring an all-youth team!
Help a youth sailor learn to race in a fun, relaxing atmosphere!

What’s Happening?

2-Day Rally Event
Race clinic, Practice starts, Buoy racing
Distance race around islands in the bay
Plenty of on, and off, the water games


1. GET A BOAT. It doesn’t matter what boat you have to race with. We’ll let anything with a sail (and that includes a kayak with a bed sheet) race and we’ll still feed you!

2. GET A YOUTH. Each boat must have a YOUTH sailor on board. Don’t have a favorite younger person? We will try to hook you up with one! Have an extra one lying around the house? Bring them down. We’ll do our best to pair them up. Extra points for teams willing to take pets!

3. GET SAILING. This is a 2-Day Racing Clinic that’s JUST FOR FUN. We’ll show you how. Great gifts for registering—come on out and have fun with us on July 26-27th!

For more information or looking for a crew/skipper, please contact: 
774-218-5092 (cell #)
401-487-4443 (cell #)

Organizing Authority:
Rhode Island Hobie Fleet 448, Neptune, Poseidon, and hopefully Zephyr!

Location & Dates:
RI Pay-Your-Age Youth Rally and Racing Event will be held on Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27, 2008, at Compass Rose Beach, located near Quonset Point, in North Kingstown, RI. See below for directions to the site and facility information.

This is a come one-come all racing event designed to encourage the introduction of youth (or aspiring youth, or youth-like) racers. Therefore we will accept any and all types of watercraft propelled by wind (even if it’s your own hot air!)

Classes will be divided and given color streamers to put onto the lower batten of your sail. All teams will be racing together, but scored by the teams. Your teams should be broken up as follows:

· All Youth Team (youth crew and youth skipper, both under the age of 19 years before September 5, 2005 – this is to be eligible for the free registration prize)
· Youth-Skippered Team (youth is skippering the boat, adult is crew)
· Adult-Skippered Team (adult is skippering, youth is crew)
· Youth-Like Team (two goofy individuals who couldn’t find a youth brave enough to sail with them – this team has special registration requirements to qualify)

Scoring is a preposterous mathematical calculation, so completely complicated only the race committee can possibly decipher and attempt to apply. Some numbers that come into play are how many races you sail, the length of your watercraft, the number of crew aboard, the numbers on your sails (assuming you have any), the amount of bribe you’ve paid the commodore, and several other numbers that would confound an adult but would make perfect sense to a small child. For those All-Youth-Teams, you will be scored using standard regatta scoring.

All classes will be competing for fantastic Fleet 448 points.
Youth-Team boats will be competing for a free registration to the 2008 Hobie Youth Nationals to be held in September in Iowa!! (This is a $75 value!)

Here’s how they work, from the moment you arrive you gather points. Just for setting up your boat you earn points. For actually getting out on the water you get points (Yes, Tony). For every race you finish you get points. The trick is whether you’ll be able to keep hold of your points. They’re kind of slippery, and they have a tendency to roll around a bit. They might even roll off your tramp! Your points can be stolen from somebody. Look out; your points might be edible. At the end of the day, we expect you to bring your points back (undamaged) from the water for tallying. Most points wins.

Compass Rose Beach is a beach park and does not have restrooms. We will be providing port-a-johns and some running water. It is advisable that you bring a sun shower and some additional water for cleaning your boat, gear, etc.

Camping will be available on site.

We will be cooking your 3 meals on our BBQ and will provide all the fixings, but it would be a good idea to bring a comfortable chair so you can relax close to the camp.

Registration is the cost of your combined team (skipper and crew) ages. So, if your skipper is 15 and you’re 45, your fee is $60 (for the weekend).

Fees are capped at $60 per boat. That includes 3 meals for each of you, plus soda, water, registration gifts etc.

Saturday noon and evening BBQ’s and Sunday lunch will be provided--included in your registration. Soda and water provided.




Time Frame



Recommended Arrival




Boat Setup

8am – 9am

Find a spot for your boat and trailer, and set up your boat.  Let us know if you need some assistance.  We’ll help you get set up.  Points for the first sails up



8:30am – 9am

Find your way to the registration table, fill out the forms and pay the fee (cash or check is fine).  Registration closes at 9am sharp!


Race Committee

9am - 10am

Beach discussion of the basic operations of the race committee, start sequences, flags, etc

Mike Levesque

Racing Practice on Beach

10am – 12pm

This is a coordinated game where we walk you through the course and the rules such as right-of-way, starts, mark roundings, and the finish line

Joy Nelson
Dave Heroux
Mike Levesque


12pm - 1pm

Lunch served Fleet 448 style

Fleet 448

Practice Races

1pm - 4pm

This is when you sail out to the course and do what you did in practice, only on the water with the boats

Mike Levesque


5pm – 7pm

Dinner served Fleet 448 style

Fleet 448



Time Frame



Recommended Arrival




Boat Setup

9:30am –

This should take half as long if we’re able to leave the boats onsite.  If not, leave yourself some extra time.  Points for the first sail up


Skippers Meeting

10am –

Here we go over the race rules and the classes

Joy Nelson
Mike Levesque

First (or only) Start


We will probably be doing a distance race, so there will be only one start.  Points for first across the starting line


Finish Racing by


We’ll wait to start cooking when we see teams coming back.  Be mindful of the time



3pm – 4pm

Lunch served Fleet 448 style

Fleet 448



Now we’ll announce the winners of the race and rally, and pass out the prizes


Directions to Location:
2008 Directions:

NOTE—the route in to Quonset is still very confusing due to the ongoing construction work on the roadways leading into the Quonset-Davisville Industrial Park!

Directions to Compass Rose Beach, Quonset, RI:
Coming from the North (Providence & MA):
Take Rt 4 South off of Rt 95 South. This exit bears off to the left! Take exit 7B off of Rt 4,
and bear left onto Rt 403 South towards Quonset. This is actually the same exit that you have
been taking in past years, but there is now a new exit—7A. To make things more confusing, the
signs say Quonset Point, next exit. The next exit is exit 7—but you do not want 7A—you want
the 7B exit—so technically it is the second exit after the sign. VERY CONFUSING SIGNAGE!
NOT SURPRISING FOR RI—but it can sure make things difficult if you get off at 7A and find
yourself traveling in the wrong direction and away from Quonset.

When you get off at exit 7B, you will follow Rt 403 East--Davisville Road about 2-3 miles. Stay
on Rt 403—it will become Devil’s Foot Road. And you will see the construction of the new
entryway into the industrial park. Much has changed there in the last year or two. The access
road into the park now takes you in to the park from a completely different direction. You will
eventually end up on Roger Williams Way, but the highway actually heads off to the left when
you are crossing Rt 1, so it almost looks like you would be heading to Davisville, not Quonset. It
is pretty well marked, but it is a big change from last year, and you will think you are going the
wrong way. Make sure you follow the signs for Quonset (not Davisville) and the signs for the
Vineyard Fast Ferry. Located at the end of Roger Williams Drive (#1347). Turn right in to the
beach before you reach the Fast Ferry Parking area.

Coming from the West & South (CT):
Take Exit 8A off of Rt 95 North. This will be Rt 2 South toward East Greenwich-Rt 4. Merge
onto Rt 2. Turn left at Division Street, Rt 401. There will be a slight right to merge onto Rt 4

Coming from the Southern RI coast:
Follow Rt 1 North. Turn right to take ramp onto Rt 403 East—Davisville Road, about 2-3 miles.





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