RI Hobie Fleet 448 presents
2009 RI Pay-Your-Age Youth Rally

Saturday & Sunday, July 11th & 12th Quonset Point, RI

1. GET A BOAT. It doesn’t matter what boat you have to race with. We’ll let anything with a sail (and that includes a kayak with a bed sheet) race and we’ll still feed you!

2. GET A YOUTH. Each boat must have at least one YOUTH sailor on board. Don’t have a favorite younger person? We will try to hook you up with one! Have an extra one lying around the house? Bring them down! We’ll do our best to pair them up.

3. GET SAILING. This is a 2-Day Fun Event. We’ll run some fun relay races, water balloon races, hot potato races, and perhaps a distance race.

Contact: Joy Nelson 774-218-5092 or joynelson@crd.com

Organizing Authority:
Rhode Island Hobie Fleet 448 (and Joy)

Location & Dates:
RI Pay-Your-Age Youth Rally will be held on Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, July 12, 2009, at Compass Rose Beach, located near Quonset Point, in North Kingstown, RI. See below for directions to the site and facility information.

This is a come one-come all rally fun event designed to encourage the introduction of youth (or aspiring youth, or youth-like) sailors. Therefore we will accept any and all types of watercraft propelled by air.

Classes will be divided and given color streamers to put onto the lower batten of your sail. All teams will be racing together, but scored by the teams. Your teams should be broken up as follows:

· All Youth Team (youth crew and youth skipper)
· Youth-Skippered Team (youth is skippering the boat, adult is crew)
· Adult-Skippered Team (adult is skippering, youth is crew)
· Youth-Like Team (two goofy individuals who couldn’t find a youth brave enough to sail with them – this team has special registration requirements to qualify)

Um, we'll score you. Somehow.

All classes will be competing for fantastic Fleet 448 awards. This is a nebulous process that will be explained during the skipper's meetings for each day depending on my mood.

Compass Rose Beach is a beach park and does not have restrooms. We will be providing port-a-johns and some running water. It is advisable that you bring a sun shower and some additional water for cleaning your boat, gear, etc.

Camping will be available on site.

We will be cooking your 4 meals on our BBQ and will provide all the fixings, but it would be a good idea to bring a comfortable chair so you can relax close to the camp.

Registration fees cover food, trophies, event prizes, port-a-john, supplies, Joy's medication, and any other minor fees we need to pay in order to coordinate the event. We hope you'll find the event worth the small cost!

Adult Weekend Registration= $25 (includes 4 meals, camping, plus the privilege of hangin' with Joy)
Youth Weekend Registration= $Age (includes 4 meals, camping, plus event t-shirt)
One-day Pass= $15 (includes whatever food we're serving that day even if I burn it)

Saturday noon and evening BBQ’s and Sunday breakfast and lunch will be provided and is included in your registration. Soda and water provided.

This event is rain-or-shine. If the weather is starting to look a little nutty, we'll post updates on the website or you could call or email Joy to find out what's going on, but the event will only be cancelled if there's something ridiculous like snow. Otherwise pack an extra pair of clothing or some foul-weather gear and plan to hold onto the tent poles!




Time Frame


Recommended Arrival



Boat Setup & Registration

9am – 10am

Find a spot for your boat and trailer, and set up your boat.  Let us know if you need some assistance.  Please get yourself to the registration table before 10am.

Skipper's Meeting

10am – 11am

Rules for event #1 and #2 will be explained.
Typically relay racing from the beach with the usual Joy-twist

Event #1

11am - 1pm



1pm - 2pm

Lunch served Fleet 448 style

Event #2

2pm - 4pm



5pm – 7pm

Dinner served Fleet 448 style



Time Frame




 Breakfast served Fleet 448 style (or Dunkin?)

Skippers Meeting

10am – 11 am

Rules for event #3 will be explained, perhaps a distance race, depending on the weather

Event #3

11am - 3pm


3pm – 4pm

Lunch served Fleet 448 style



Now we’ll announce the winners of the race and rally, and pass out the prizes

Direction to Location:
Compass Rose Beach is on Roger Williams Way in the Quonset Point Industrial Park. The beach is at the end of the road on the right. Follow directions for the Martha's Vineyard Fast Ferry.

Please Note: If you are using a GPS or any of the Internet Mapping sites, use the address below for the Fast Ferry. Once you drive into Quonset "Roger Williams Way" is also known as Quonset Road.

1347 Quonset Road
North Kingstown, RI 02852

The link below goes to the Fast Ferry website where detailed directions are listed.

Martha's Vineyard Ferry - Directions to the Martha's Vineyard Ferry





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