Rhode Island Hobie Cat Fleet 448
37 years and sill enjoying the ride!

For 37 years, RI Hobie Cat Fleet 448 has been the premier sailing group for catamaran sailors in New England. Started in 1981 by a group of catamaran enthusiasts, Fleet 448 provides a unique, low cost approach to sailing that emphasizes camaraderie, good sportsmanship and fun.

Many people think of Fleets as being a racing only venue, however, this view is misconceived when it comes to Hobie sailors. Our emphasis is on fun. Look at our schedule and you will notice that most of our events are centered around recreational sailing (ok, maybe food plays a big role too – you will never go hungry at a Fleet 448 event). The fleet offers many opportunities for recreational sailors, hard core racers and everything in between.

Our annual events include such items as a Fourth of July beach party, long distance sails to Cuttyhunk, Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island, an annual weekend regatta, a learn to sail day and many other activities. Hardly a weekend goes by without some sort of Fleet event, either a scheduled organized event or an ad hoc affair thrown together by a few sailors. We just like to have fun. Even when racing, the emphasis is on fun – when was the last time you heard of a major regatta with no protests? Our RI Summer Classic has not seen a protest in several years! That does not mean we are not competitive, our sailors include Olympic Medalists and national champions.

The biggest asset of Fleet 448 is its members. The people of Fleet 448 come from many different backgrounds and walks of life. We have auto mechanics, retail clerks, welders, engineers, bankers, accountants, retired people and college students. You would think that such a diverse group would have trouble finding common ground, but it has never been an issue. Our common ground is our love of sailing and a desire to be on the water. The people of Fleet 448 are always there to help out.

We invite you to come on down and see what “the Hobie Way of Life” is all about. Please contact any of our officers or our website at www.fleet448.org for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why would I want to join Fleet 448, I have plenty of fun sailing on my own?
  Joining the Fleet is more than just sailing, it is all about the “Hobie” experience. Sailing alone or with a few friends is a lot of fun, but would you try to sail to Martha’s Vineyard alone? The Fleet offers a deep well of experience upon which to improve your skills. We also offer sailing at a variety of venues that may not be available to someone sailing alone. However, the biggest reason is the people. The members of Fleet 448 will bend over backwards to help you out and we always have a good time together.
I have heard that sailing is expensive.
  Hogwash I say! Sailing with Fleet 448 is about as cheap as you can get. A membership costs only $25 a year and events are only $5 per person for members – this includes a site for sailing, facilities and food & drink. Lunch at McDonald’s costs more than that, and our food is much better. There are hundreds of used Hobies out there and you can usually find a complete package (boat, sails, trailer, etc.) for under $2,000 and be ready to sail the next day.
Do I have to own a boat to join?
  No! Many of our members do not own boats. Come to any of our events and we will have you on the water. At any given event, there are several boats looking for people to sail with. For non-boat owners, membership is only $10.
Where do you sail?
  We sail all over Southern New England. We aren’t in the “Ocean State” for nothing. We regularly hold events in South County, Quonset Point, Westport, MA, Warwick, Barrington, Jamestown, Portsmouth and many other fine sailing sites around the area. We try hard to find and maintain sites that welcome Hobie Sailors and move our events around. Who wants to sail in the same place all the time? We are always looking for new places to sail so that we can experience all of the beautiful sailing grounds the area offers.
It sounds like fun, but I’m too old for that.
  Try saying that to Ted. Our resident Hobie 17 expert, Ted Knowlton is in his late 70’s and still going strong! We welcome sailors of all ages!
What if I don’t know how to sail?
  We will teach you! If you don’t know how to sail, we can teach you everything you need to know. Our members include several current and former sailing instructors as well as people with many years of valuable experience.

Take the first step towards living the “Hobie Way of Life”. Come to one of our events and see what we are all about.


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